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Performance Formula®

The premium all-season, multi-function diesel fuel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem.
Size 8 oz
(235 ml)
16 oz Pint
(470 ml)
64 oz
(1.9 L)
5 Gallons
(19 L)
55 Gallons
(208 L)
Part Number 38564 38565 38566 38567 38568
Package Quantity 24 12 6 1 1
Treatment (1:500) 30 gal
(120 L)
60 gal
(235 L)
250 gal
(950 L)
2,500 gal
(9,500 L)
27,500 gal
(104,000 L)

Recommended Treatment:  4 ounces Performance Formula per 15 gallons of fuel

Add Stanadyne Additives to tank before filling with diesel fuel to ensure thorough mixing. Tighten bottle cap securely after use and store upright. Store above 32°F (0°C). All Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives can be blended with each other and "double-dosing" is not damaging - although it may not provide twice the benefit. Where engine and vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have approved Stanadyne, most of them recommend Stanadyne Performance Formula, which should be used at every refueling year-round to ensure protection against fuel related problems and to maximize performance. For further information or to request a Material Safety Data Sheet call Stanadyne Corporation 1-800-842-2496 or visit www.stanadyne.com.

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