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Mechanical Fuel Injection Pumps


The majority of engines fitted to off-road applications continue to use mechanical pump-line-nozzle systems for Tier 3/Stage III A Emission certified engines. Stanadyne continues to develop new features for its family of rotary injection pumps that will assist engine manufacturers in achieving the latest emission standards.

For example, Stanadyne has introduced an improved cold advance - servo light load advance mechanism for its DB4 pumps with up to fourteen pump degrees of range. Cold advance is additive to the light load advance schedule rather than a fixed amount.

With appropriate selection of cam rate and nozzle flow, our mechanical pumps can generate up to 800 bar at the injector. Initial injection rate can be softened with an increasing rate cam and Stanadyne's Rate Shaping Nozzle injector technology. The combination of these features lead to an ability to further retard injection timing and lower NOx emissions.



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